Sunday, March 30, 2008

Back to real life (7 days since trigger)

Jason and I just got back from our super-speedy trip up North. We went to celebrate his grandmother's birthday. I was absolutely dreading the trip but when it came time to leave I suddenly wished our flight back would get canceled due to bad weather.... for a lot of reasons.

First of all, his family was so incredibly gracious and uplifting to be around. Second, I got really attached to one of Jason's cousin's 5 year old twins (boy/girl). The little girl absolutely loved me, and that says a lot. (Children don't usually care for me and they certainly don't make a habit of following me around.) But the third and most important reason I didn't want to leave is that I hardly thought about whether or not I was pregnant! Well, when I say "hardly" that means only 30 times per day instead of 30 times per hour!

Another of Jason's cousins has a 10 month old set of twin girls (apparently they're pretty common in his family) and Jason and I got to play with them. It was the first time I had ever seen Jason excited about holding a baby and it was incredible. It didn't even make me sad or jealous that they had something we didn't. I try my best now not to assume that people just had the easiest time in the world getting pregnant. For all I know, they went through what we are going through now.

The only time I got a smidge upset was when they were taking pictures of Jason's grandmother's sons and their offspring-- "generational shots" I guess you could call them. Anyway, Jason's uncles (grandma had all boys) each had 10 (at a minimum) people in their shot. But when it came to us, it was a lonely five. Grandma, Jason's parents, Jason, and me. Jason is an only child, and at 27, everyone began asking us when we were going to get on the ball. I leaned over and whispered to Jason and his mother that "this crew just isn't as prolific as the rest of you all!" Jason's mother got a kick out of that because it took her ten years to have Jason, so she knows the heartache of infertility. Well, that and the fact that we just shared with her early last week that we were actually actively trying to get pregnant and undergoing fertility treatments.

Tomorrow is back to work, back to counting down the latter half of the 2ww. Yay, how very thrilling. Jason is even going to be out of town when I start my pregnancy testing insanity. Probably better for him. Now we've just got to figure out who's going to scoop the litter box while he's gone for four days!

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