Tuesday, March 18, 2008

I'm so over birthdays!

So a few days ago my birthday came. I did not anticipate being depressed about turning another year older, but yet, here I am and another birthday has passed without becoming a mother. If you had asked me when I was in high school or college at what age I would/would want to be a mom, I would have said 24 or 25. Yeah. That has come and gone. When I woke up the morning of my birthday, all I wanted to do was burst out in tears. And this went on ALL DAY LONG. Thankfully, I finally got my chance when company left and I was able to have my pity party without an audience.... well.... almost. Jason did come in and disturb the flow of tears when he decided I needed a "shower buddy" for a birthday gift. It made me smile though, and I needed that.

The next day, I was perfectly fine. Over the whole thing. So here's hoping that this year, Ryan (the Steve Irwin of cervixes), Calee, Jason and I don't have to go another birthday without a baby at least on the way! My birthday was the first to pass of 2008, and let's hope that when the others roll around, we have much more reason to celebrate!

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