Thursday, February 21, 2008

Ovidrel TONIGHT!

So just over an hour ago, I got my positive LH surge! On the way home from work, I was on the phone with Calee. She was headed to class and had to go, but I told her that I'd be home in 20 minutes to do my OPK and I'd text her with the news.

I was so pumped when I saw the smilie face that I really didn't believe it! You'd think that damn thing was a positive pregnancy test the way I yelped when I saw the smilie. I think the ClearBlue Easy people need to make a smilie face pregnancy test too. I realize that not all pregnancies are happy news, but it would only add to my joy when I finally get a positive result. I take that back. I'm not really sure there's anything that could add to it.

Anyhow, I had to take a picture of it so that my hubby could see, because the results only flash for 8 minutes. Tonight he gives me the Ovidrel injection and I get IUI tomorrow and Saturday! (And yes, that's a dog hair on the tester. It happens around here:) )

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