Monday, February 18, 2008

CD 16 & waiting for a temp rise

Last month was a disappointment because we missed my surge and didnt inseminate. I had an almost positive on CD 14, but since it was my first time using the OPKs and Clomid I continued to wait for a darker line. CD 15 I had some right sided pain, but was still thinking it was a false alarm given the lack of positive OPK. Then CD 16 my temperature began to rise telling me I had already ovulated. So I researched the discussion groups to find that some women will not have a full positive and that you have to learn what your pattern is that indicates your LH surge. So our failure last month proved helpful this month.

Although I am waiting for my temp rise to verify that ovulation has occurred, this same pattern happened this month, but we took the almost positive as a positive on CD 14 (7pm was the "peak") and proceeded to inseminate twice within 48 hours afterwords. My first true 2W&W where all the factors are aligned. Only time will tell. I'll take any % chance over 0% chance.

Ryan's participation in the process was beautiful & better than I could have imagined. Once we finished, I was thinking about how I could do this every month for months if that is what it takes. I was completely at peace with it.


Maggie said...

YAY! You're so smart. That's the true reason I keep you arround.

Maggie said...

ha -- except for I can't spell AROUND!