Saturday, February 9, 2008

CD 1 finally arrives

So, my new cycle came on Friday, which was very exciting for us, as it means that the cycle we attempt IUI is finally here. I say finally like we've been waiting for a decade for this or something, but really only a little over a year all-in-all.

I called the clinic and in a flurry of activity we were directed to come to the clinic by 1pm same day. Keep in mind, we live two hours away from our clinic and both Jason and I were at work on very busy days. We managed to shake free and got there with 20 minutes to spare.

The Clomid check u/s looked great and the blood pregnancy test was negative (duh - I had a D&C exactly three weeks prior) so that means that tomorrow night (CD 3) I start 100 mg of Clomid for five days! They gave us a ton of information as usual, but I am trying to take it one "chunk" of time at a time. The nurse practicioner just told me to relax and that all I had to focus on for now was taking the Clomid as directed and she'd see me again in 11 days to check follicle size and give me some more direction about the other medications (Ovidrel, Doxycycline, & Endometrin). So really, this is the easy part of it all I guess. I'm also pretty anxious about the LH predictor kits. I've never been able to detect a surge with them. Hopefully the Clomid with change all that. Either way, she said she'd give me date to give myself the shot even if I haven't detected a surge by that point. I'm hoping and praying for a detectable surge to up my chances.

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