Wednesday, April 9, 2008

I just love Spring

So I am noticing how quickly CD 1 thru CD 12 goes by. If only the entire cycle would seem to go by at that same speed. I have printed my new calendar for April, ordered another IUI catheter, and checked stock on my other supplies - so I'm ready to go again, right? Well, I dont feel ready to go. I am trying to get back in my 'zone,' but I am struggling this month to get up the steam that I have had the previous two attempts. I think its a combination of worrying about money and just tired of being let down.

My goal for today is to find a multitude of things to distract me from thinking about TTC. From this point prior, I have been trying to pray and when I really want to let go, I have me a few cold ones (of course after 2ww). I need better coping. I also need to feel better about myself. These are things I have been feeling too sorry for myself to get started, but now is the time. So I have:

1. Praise and thank God daily for something regardless of how crappy I feel
2. Keep up on laundry
3. Work on my personal statement for residency
4. Cook dinner every other day
5. Go to the tanning bed 3-4 x a week
6. Do 15 minute workout video every morning before showering
7. Run 2-3 x a week
8. Eat generous amounts of veggies and nuts
9. Bury myself in clerkship duties

I think this is a great start. Okay now I am a bit excited. I must plan a schedule now to get all these things done. I have to hold myself accountable for my own good!

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